A Straighter Smile in Six Month’s Time

At Palmetto Smiles Dental, we know that crooked or misaligned teeth can have a negative impact on your social life and can also result in low self esteem. We also know that traditional metal braces can end up being a two-year embarrassment. That’s why we offer the short-term 6 month braces. This is an affordable, time-effective and comfortable technique used to straighten crowded, crooked, rotated and spaced teeth.

Dr. James is committed to providing a modern and convenient twist on traditional wire braces. He works with you to make sure that this procedure is right for your case and will create a treatment plan around your needs. The average treatment time of 6 Month Braces is just six months, which is a fraction of the time that it can take for traditional braces. This procedure combines the tried-and-true concept of braces while also offering clear brackets that are almost invisible.


What is it?

6 Month Braces is a tooth straightening system that uses clear braces that are attached to the teeth. Over time (typically 6 months), these braces gently shift your teeth into correct alignment for a beautiful and straight smile. Not only is this treatment more effective than most aligner systems, it is also cheaper and faster.


Some of the advantages of 6 Month Braces include:

  • shorter treatment time
  • clear brackets that are less noticeable than wire braces
  • results are predictable and easy to attain
  • appointments to tighten braces are quick and simple
  • in general, it is less cheaper than traditional braces, aligner systems or veneers

6 Month Braces at Palmetto Smiles Dental

If you have been suffering from a misaligned smile, you no longer have to struggle through the painful and embarrassing procedure of traditional braces. Instead, you can straighten your smile faster than you ever thought possible! With 6 Month Braces, we guarantee dramatic improvement in your smile. Trust Dr. James and our staff at Palmetto Smiles Dental to straighten and correct any misalignments in your smile. For more information or to schedule your consultation for this tooth straightening system, visit us at our office or call us today at (803) 276-0940.