Whiten Your Smile With Our Professional Bleaching

Undergoing professional teeth whitening is easily the most popular dental cosmetic service. This is because it offers an immediate and dramatic improvement in your appearance. It is also an easy and affordable treatment. At Palmetto Smiles Dental, we offer take home whitening trays so that our patients can whiten their smile from the privacy of their own home.wedget-invisalign2

How Does it Work?

Our take home whitening trays give our patients dramatically whiter smiles in a short time period. When you come to Palmetto Smile Dental for teeth whitening, Dr. James will create a customized mouth tray. This tray fits the unique shapes and grooves of your oral structures for a closer and more effective whitening treatment. The trays also work to protect the gums and lips from the whitening gel.

Once the customized trays are completed, we provide you with professional strength whitening gel. This gel is hydrogen peroxide based and seeps deep into the tooth’s enamel to clean away deep set stains for a brighter smile. The trays are lined with the whitening gel and inserted into the mouth. Dr. James will recommend the amount of time that you should wear the trays- the amount of time depends on the degree of whitening that you want.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth has many benefits, including:

  • A warmer smile
  • Better first impressions
  • Improved social interactions
  • Better job prospects
  • Higher self confidence
  • Fast and affordable smile makeover

Take Home Whitening Trays at Palmetto Smiles Dental

Whitening your smile is an easy way to improve your general appearance. It is a quick, pain free dental cosmetic procedure that almost anyone can benefit from. Visit us for a consultation with Dr. James. He will first examine your oral structures to ensure that you are in good oral health and are able to undergo professional teeth whitening. Once you are deemed a candidate for teeth whitening, we will use molds of your teeth to create your customized trays. When they trays are created, you are given teeth whitening and instructions on use. Then you are free to whiten your smile in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

For more information on our professional teeth whitening services, visit us at Palmetto Smiles Dental for a consultation with Dr. James. You can visit our office to schedule your appointment or call us today at (803) 276-0940.